Instagram is a vastly growing platform that keeps on expanding on a daily basis. For some, it is a means of keeping connected with their loved ones; whereas, for others it may be a great way to get creative with certain business opportunities. All of which requires understanding and communicating with the customer audience you are trying to reach. Here are 3 of the most effective ways to communicate with wider customer audiences on Instagram instantly!

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1) Hashtags!

Hashtags are the key to exploring freely on Instagram, especially with Instagram’s efforts to make exploration and discovery even more effortless and instantaneous with the added ‘Explore’ page. A great way of communicating and really interacting with a wider level of the audience is to figure out the ongoing popular and relevant hashtags. Hashtags greatly help out in reaching to your targeted audience. Identifying the relevant hashtags may require a tad bit more effort but the end results of utilizing the relevant hashtags are the absolute best.

For doing so you can check out what other people in your niche have been posting about and what hashtags they’re making use of. Another great way is to utilize the search option on Instagram. You can start with one keyword at a time and go on from there. Within the social media platform, there are a large number of niche groups on Instagram using hashtags on a daily in order to commute with their respective Instagram followers. You can jump in on the same train as well! You can try sticking to your own niche group this will help filter your audience accordingly.

2) Get Creative with @mentions on Instagram

One of the most effective and direct ways of communicating with a wider Instagram audience is by directly interacting with them by @mentions. Get in touch with the popular and trending Instagram accounts that your audience follows and mention them on posts or stories in a way that is relevant and authentic. In such a way, it can be mutually beneficial as the account you are mentioning may also repost your post or story or mention you in the posts of their photos or videos. This can introduce both yours and their account to newer audiences under a similar niche. Further, it also enables you to get into contact with a wider customer audience that you wish to target. By repeating this a number of times, you’ll have increased your customer audience tenfold without putting in too much effort.

3) Make Use of Location Tagging

You must make sure to tag the location you’re at if the post or story you’re making has a local aspect to it. You can especially make use of this if you’re at a popular location which is often visited by many, this can enhance your exposure and your post might just show up on the explore page and get enough likes. Some individuals may be browsing through the events or memories that have been at those specific locations. This creates a sense of connectivity with you and your respective audience and thus helps in communicating with them and comprehending them on a different level.

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