Organizations provide job training after the orientation to new employees. It enhances abilities, knowledge, and skills of employees for the performance of the job. It positively effects on the employees and organizations. The organization can meet their goal of profit attainment by providing training to employees. Employees can understand the environment of the organization through the orientation and practice it during on the job training.

Importance of training

It is important for organizational success and development. An employee with proper training performs more efficiently than a non-trained employee. He will be more productive for the organization. New employees learn about different aspects of an organization such as mission, vision, strategies, working conditions and rules and regulations. They familiarize with the environment of the organization. On the other hand, existing employees can enhance their skills through on the job training. Organizations can provide training when new technologies are introduced in the organization. Employees can cope up with these technological changes with the help of experts and specialists.

Why it is essential

Job training is essential for new employees so that they can better understand how they have to perform their jobs. On the job training is essential due to following reasons.

Moral improvement

Job training improves the morale of new employees. It helps to make them confident for new skills development. New employees get job security, and they get satisfied when job training is provided to them. More satisfaction leads to boost the morale, and this will allow them to contribute more to organizational goals achievement. Job absenteeism gets reduced when new employees are satisfied through their jobs. It increases turnover of the organization. It is important to provide training to employees to boost their morale and satisfaction.

Promotion chances

Chances of promotion increase when employees are trained. They provide good output to organization and management promote them to a higher level. This is possible through training. Employees get skills and expertise during training. Organizations consider them eligible for the promotion to higher level jobs. They are considered asset of the organization due to skills and knowledge. On the job training increases chances of promotion to the employees.

Productivity increase

Job training improves the productivity of employees. When employees are trained, they provide quality work to the organization. This increases the productivity of employees. Without training, managers have to teach employees how to perform their jobs and guide them for how they have to do a specific task. This will waste time and resources of the organization. Through training, time wastage will be less.

Errorless work

When employees are trained, they provide work which entails fewer errors. Without training, employees do not know how they have to perform their work. They provide task performance which is full of errors. Through a proper training session, errors and faults will be reduced.

So, on the job training is essential for employees. It increases the productivity of employees for organizational success. Companies can achieve their goals through proper training to new employees. They understand the environment of the organization by training.

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