Trade shows are a way to showcase your products or services in the physical world, where potential customers can talk to a real live salesperson, as opposed to scrolling through your products on your website.

Yet, while trade shows are still an important face to face selling technique for many companies, the online world is an important resource to get the word out about your trade show presence.  This means harnessing the power of social media and providing it with the type of content it loves – video.

Drive Traffic, Build Awareness

In the days and weeks leading up to the show, it’s important to build buzz about the event.

Social media is perfect for promoting little snippets of information to your followers on social networks (eg: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, your blog – you do have subscribers, don’t you?  If not, start building your followers, so you’ve got an audience to promote to).  The key is producing valuable content.  Using video that is on message is perfect for promoting through social media.

Video Ideas for Trade Show Promotion

Here are some ideas to use video before, during and after your tradeshow (that should all be promoted on your social media networks and traditional offline media):


  • Create an invitation video.  Give people a reason to visit you at your stand.  Promote any after-party events, seminars your delivering, new product release information or free give-aways.  Just make it fun and to the point.  You can then email a link to your invitation video to all of your prospects and customers.  Also, promote it online in as many places as you can, in particular, the front page of your website.


  • Film live interviews with staff, experts in your field, seminars, product launches or live Q&A with customers.  Ask customers about their issues, what they’re looking for and how they are finding the tradeshow.  Broadcast this live on the web.  Make sure this is highly promoted before, during and post trade show.  Consider streaming capabilities that allow you to chat with those watching.  Filming live at your stand also creates a buzz and attracts lots of people to your booth.  It’s ideal if you have staff, bloggers or customers who can’t attend. (find out more about how we can help with your live web streaming broadcast).
  • Consider filming vision that you can use to package up a short video to promote your presence at the trade show next year.  Examples can be crowds of people at your stand, helpful staff, vox pops from excited customers or anything else you can think of that will make people want to visit.


  • Edit any live vision so that you can improve any audio issues and remove any boring vision.  Add titles, logos and contact information.  Then, put the video clips up on YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, on your blog and in your newsletters.  Brainstorm all of the places that you can promote the video content.  If you have a handful of subscribers on your channel, consider to buy YouTube likes, views and subscribers. Get sales staff to refer prospects to the videos, if it relates to their enquiry and share the videos with their peers.

Using video in lots of different ways to promote your tradeshow presence is now easier than ever thanks to the accessibility of social media.  It’s a great way to increase traffic to your website, be seen as a thought leader and generate leads.


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