“K.I.S.S”, principal, being an abbreviation of “Keep It Simple Stupid” is used to make things simple instead of over complicating them because it is believed that keeping things simple often leads to better results. Coming to content writing and marketing, the K.I.S.S principle is broken down into four parts:

  1. Inform them about what you are to tell them
  2. Inform them about what you said you were to tell them
  3. Inform them about what you had told them
  4. Guide them what to do next!

  1. Inform them about what you are to tell them -“Take the start”

This, being the very opening of the post, needs to grab the reader’s attention after being introduced to the title. This is the most crucial among the four parts of content marketing K.I.S.S. principle. At the start, the writer needs catch the reader’s attention by putting up an argument that is strong.

Two questions to keep in mind at this step are “what’s interesting in it for the reader?” and “which problem is being dealt?”. If these are answered and appeals the audience, your target is achieved.  Every business is involved in solving problems so your main content should also be its reflection.

  1. Inform them about what you said you were to tell them – “The main structure”

This step is all about completing the promise that’s made in the start. For the satisfaction of the reader and for the aim to be fulfilled, fulfilling this promise is a must and the writer mustn’t fail.

This step is also the solving of the problem presented and presenting the argument which requires clear facts and figures and arguments based on logic.

Only when this material is beneficial to the reader, will the reader continue to use the content provided. This part requires value provided based on what was promised at the start.

  1. Inform them about what you had told them – “The closure”

Here the social media followers like people get them from tweetnfollow.com/buy-instagram-followers-cheap/ need to be reminded of what is in this for them. What benefit will they get out of it. The content here should refer directly to the problem or argument presented at the beginning.

This section doesn’t necessarily have to be very lengthy and can be reserved to as less as two paragraphs.

  1. Guide them what to do next – “The next actions”

Its on the part of the writer to guide the reader what to do next. It’s only fair that the writer helps them with the next step because they, too take time out from their busy schedules. Readers can’t be expected to simply consume an article and start clicking the buttons on the website for purchases, so they need to be guided through proper steps.

It often colleagues or bosses who over complicate even the simplest of things that need not be complicated hence the K.I.S.S. principle aims to create a good and simple blueprint for content production, be it blogs or other such content.




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