Makeup has become a part of our daily routines. It is no longer restricted to only women but men too. Basically, makeup is for anyone who wants to experience this magical form of art. Long gone are the days when makeup was associated with beauty and used to define beauty standards. Today, a regular person uses makeup to feel good about themselves, confident, feel and look fresh and radiate the potential that you hold within. However, if you are running late, a full face of make-up may not be a good decision. In such cases, you need to hurry up and just do the basics. Here are a few compiled hints for a faster fresh look.

Hints for quick make-up

When you are short on time, you really need to narrow down your priorities yet look as radiant as any other day. Below are a few hints which will help you in achieving your perfect quick look.

  • Moisturize

The very first step and also the most crucial one is the moisturizer. It is absolutely important to moisturize your face before you put all sorts of chemicals on it. Taking care of your skin is essential, thus no matter how late, you cannot possibly miss on this

  • Do not skip primer

Primer may not show on your face directly but if you don’t use it, the pores it hides will surely do. So do not skip the primer and apply a moderate amount.

  • Light Foundation

Foundation is the basic base of your canvass, thus it requires the needed attention. However, put less in amount and use a strobing technique when you do. The technique is quick and easy which gets the task done in seconds.

  • Concealer

Quickly, apply your concealer in only the major areas, such as your under-eye dark circles, the middle of your forehead and the edges of your nose.

  • Contour

There is not time for a proper cream contour, so just take your powdered bronzer and evenly brush across your Jaw bones, edges of the hair line and under your jaw line. Make sure to blend well or all may go to waste.

  • Lipstick

Take your regular lip color and apply it just go with it. There is no time for properly lined lips and filled in lipstick. You may as well keep a lip liner in your bag to fix it later at your work place. A life hack; dap your pink matt lipstick on your cheeks once and blend it with you finger. Tada! 2 second blush.

  • Mascara:

When you are low on times, doing proper eyes is out of question. You might as well be fine with only mascara. But be sure to wear a good one that makes your eyelashes look longer and thicker, since there is nothing else to add character to them.

With these life changing tips for a quick full face of make-up, you will save more time than you think. Your makeup is done within few minutes and you are ready to ace the day.

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