Do you want to save time yet to be productive on Instagram in your busy routine? Don’t fret, technology has made everything easier. Now you can share creative and engaging content without consuming too much time. If you want to promote your business on Instagram, you need to post such content that entices your audience and of course a good growth strategy to increase your following count. Although, most of the businesses buy real active Instagram followers to get the most out of this social network and reach out the number of potential customers. Follow the following ways and save your time on Instagram and focus on your bigger business goals.

Use the VSCO App to Edit Photos with Preset: VSCO app is not a new name to Instagram users and it is a favorite editing tool of major brands and macro influencers as there are plenty of reset packs aka VSCO filter to choose from. They edit their Instagram feed photos by using VSCO filters. You can also choose any filter from VSCO app’s preset pack and beautifully edit your images for your Instagram stories and feed. This is so cool that you can edit all your photos with some clicks.

Use a Visual Planner to Plan Your Grid: Now you have appealing imagery for your Instagram feed, it’s time to think about grid format. You need to plan out your future Instagram post in advance. By doing this, you can see what your photos look like alongside, on bottom and top and diagonally across. You can use a visual planner to plan your feed post in advance but make certain that your posts always look great and try not to repeat them.

Schedule Your Posts: It’s a great feeling when you are too busy and sees your new post on Instagram. All thanks to Instagram scheduling app that let you schedule your post and automatically publish on the selected time. It’s a great way to save your time and publish your post without opening your Instagram profile. A lot of other sites are also providing this service without a push notification. The good news is that it is available for free of cost on some sites like Later. All you need to set the time and set your feed post to auto-publish and all is done.

Use Templates to Design Instagram Stories: Do you ever think hoe major brands such as H&M, Tiffany & Co, Summer Friday and more create a number of tailored Instagram Stories content every single day? Although, they spend bucks of money and they have a larger team but you can also create that type of content for your stories with low budget. The best news is that you have no need to hire a graphic designer to create an awesome Instagram story, you just need some templates to design your Instagram stories. You can use apps like Unfold, Over, Canva, Tezza app and more to design a great story content on Instagram.

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