The photo editing software is a real game changer which can transform your photos from just Ok to incredibly amazing. There are a lot of free photo editors that can help you to edit your photos in a perfect way. Beginners can also use this software because it is easy to use. Some photo editors come in a free and paid version with stock images, selection of tools, and free templates. Today, in this post we will discuss the 5 best free photo editors that help you to transform an ordinary photo to a visual treat. Let’s get into it

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  • GIMP
  • NET
  • Photo Pos Pro
  • PhotoScape
  • Canva
  1. GIMP:

GIMP is considered as one of the best free photo editing software that is basically an image-enhancing tool. It comes in free and premium version and improving day by day. The good thing is that the interface of this photo editor is quite similar to Adobe Photoshop which is most used photo-editing software. You can select the single window mode with toolbars like you do the same in Adobe.

  1. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is an advanced photo editor that has a number of filters, layers, undo history, zoom function, 3D rotate, and plugins for recomposing images. It is the best editor for beginners as well as professionals. But it is less powerful than GIMP.

  1. Photo Pos Pro:

It has a smart interface with arranged menus and toolbars, unlike GIMP. It has a user-friendly interface that is a good choice for a novice. It has an optional layout that is just like the Fotor’ filter that helps the beginners to edit their photos perfectly.

  1. PhotoScape:

The interface of Photoscape is quite simple but it has tons of good features. You can do raw file conversion, merging and splitting of the photo. It also lets you create GIF and you can create a graph, lined and music sheet paper.

  1. Canva

Next up is Canva that comes in the free and premium version. You can run it on a web browser that is ideal free photo editing software for creating social media posts, flyer, poster, banners, cards, invitation and much more. It has free cloud storage and around 8 thousands templates and designs that you can edit.

Pros & Cons of free photo editing Software

GIMP ·      Advanced photo editor

·      comes with advanced options

·      interface similar to Adobe Photoshop

·      No limitations

·      Great user experience

·      Supports multi-image format

·      Huge range of editing tools

·      Slightly disorderly interface


Paint.NET ·      Have filters & layers

·      GIMP is more powerful than Paint.NET

·      Plugins supported

·      Simple to use

·      Best for beginners

·      Have special effects

·      Less comprehensive

Photo Pos Pro ·      Good for beginners & skilled users

·      Good interface

·      Limited file export resolution

·      adjusting curves and levels manually


PhotoScape ·      Ease to use

·      Limited features

·      Photo merging

·      GIF creation

·      Image splitting

·      Not user-friendly interface

·      Number of filters

·      File conversion (raw)

·      Limited options for photo resolution

Canva ·      Free  1GB cloud storage

·      The wide range of 8K templates

·      No manual editing tools

·      2 work organizer folders



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