Notepad ++ has become incredibly popular as it is widely used text editing software for Window user. But unfortunately, this notepad++ mac download is available for Windows only. You can’t use it on another operating system such as Mac and Linux. But if you are a fan of Notepad++ then don’t be disappointed as we have an option for Mac users. There are some alternatives to Notepad ++ on Mac that works on the Mac operating system. Let’s take a look at these best alternatives in the replacement for Notepad++ on Mac.

Coda 2

Code 2 is the considered as the best text editor that is hardcore software for the web developers. It is featured packed text editor that contains syntax highlighting for lots of languages, fast commenting and shifting of code, code folding, find and replace, project-wide autocomplete, indentation guides, indentation guides, and automatic tag closing.


If you are in search of a cheap yet powerful code editor that works great on Mac then look no further and choose Textastic. It is specially designed for Mac and iOS and available at a very cheap price. Textastic supports 80 plus source code, tons of markup languages and gives auto-completion support for JavaScript, HTML, Objective-C, PHP, C, and CSS. Moreover, this text editor app works quickly and it uses the built-in MacOS APIs such as Core Text for full speed.

MacVim Text Editor

MacVim is one of the most used text editors that are long-standing and powerful Unix text editor. It is actually Mac clone text editor. The best thing is that every plugin of this app works perfectly with MacVim and also available for original Vim text-editor. MacVim text editor has a power of Vim and customizability. You can also ask any question at any time from its large and strong community.

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is designed by Microsoft which is arch-rival of Apple. This app works great on MacOS. It is considered as one of the best text editors that you can get for the Mac operating system. This text editor supports the 30 different languages, Regex support, keyboard-centric and code-focused editing, autocomplete with IntelliSense, lightning fast source code editor, outlining, Git control, automatic real-time API description and much more.

BBEdit 12

BBEdit is oldest yet best text-editors for Notepad++Mac out there. It is available in the market since 1992 which long predates the Mac and iOS as we know today. The 25 years if its existence says it all and enough to sing its praise.  It is also the best HTML text editor for Mac that everyone wants to use. This text editor also supports the rich text editing along simple text editing and HTML.


These recommendations are the best alternative to Notepad++mac that is equally compatible with iOS.  Every single app is best for MacOS users. That’s why we’d suggest you try a couple of them that fits your needs. Leave a comment and let us know about your experience with these apps.

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