Techniques of a Bikini Body Made Fabulous!

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If you were to take time to observe and keep track of the progress the majority of people make in the gym you probably would be shocked. What I mean by progress is actual tangible results that can be seen by the person exercising and by others. Not the fact that you can lift more weight or that you can now spend 60 mins on the treadmill, instead of just 20 minutes. Everyone should have a goal that is centered on feeling good (having a healthy heart/normal lab results) and looking good (visual change in the appearance of your body). So how do you produce a visual change in you body? I will give you the first step that will get you closer to your goal in time for the beach.

Attention to detail

is you paying attention to the details of your workout program. By attention I mean intentional focus and by detail I mean the little things like tech., rest time, mind muscle connection, number of repetitions, speed of contraction, etc. If you don’t have a clear grasp on each of these subjects, the visual change you desire to see in your body will be minimal or will take longer than it has to.

The details of your workout are dependent on your goals and your genetic make-up. For example, if your genetic make-up causes you to put on weight/muscle quickly and easily, but your goal is to become slimmer and trim, your repetition range should be higher than someone who loses weight easily or naturally has a smaller frame. How do you give attention to detail? Write down your physical appearance goals (in detail) and document what your genetic make-up is and how it affects your physical appearance. Following a documentation of your goals and genetic make-up your next step is to decide what your rest time, repetition range, and type of exercise should be.

Consult a professional that can review your documentation and give you a detailed description of what your values should be and the type of exercises you should do. Most people tend to spend a great deal of time performing 3 sets of 10 repetitions of a particular exercise, which targets one muscle group. This is good to target one particular muscle group (for muscle growth) if the weight you are using is heavy enough to restrict you to this repetition range (meaning you are not just stopping at 10 reps. because it sounds good).

If you overall goal is to have a bikini body, you would benefit greatly from making sure that every exercise you perform engages as many muscles as possible not just the primary muscle you are working. For example, a woman who wants a bikini body would not perform a seated overhead press. She would perform a standing overhead press in standing with the following: feet shoulder width apart, knees positioned in a mini-squat, stomach pulled in tight, chest lifted up, shoulder blades pulled back, and eyes looking straight ahead.

This is the first step to reaching your goals. If you skip this step you will be a part of the average gym member. I desire you to be above average, therefore you will have to do things that the average person will not do. Do you want to look like everyone else on the beach this summer or do you want to look fabulous? Pay Attention to Detail!

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