Being Older and Out of Shape – How to Get Back to Being Fit

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The demographics are very clear in the coming years, there will be more people over the age of 65 than ever before. With the advent, and dissemination of modern medicines, and just a general rise in living standards, there will be and already is an unprecedented number of “older” folks. That sounds good and is but what happens to all or many of these people when they hit 65, and they can hardly move properly? Of course, that is not an inevitable occurrence not being able to move but, it does, sadly, happen to many people maybe not at 65 but certainly by the age of 75.

Often this is a result of a lifetime of inactivity, being totally out of shape, and, of course, there are people who inconceivably succumb to various debilitating ailments. Even if a person is 60 years of age, and has never worked out in his or her life, there is real hope a real way to get back to get into shape and to help ward off the rather drastic physical decline that will happen as real older age sets in unless that person plans just a little to prevent that decline. Here is a modest plan:

1) Any person who is able to move about that is who is not prevented from locomotion due to real disability such as being in a wheelchair can embark on a walking program. Here is a way to begin start by walking, slowly, about one half mile per day one quarter mile out, and then, one quarter mile back to the point of departure. When you come back, do about five really deep breaths arms extended above, and fully let all of your air out from the lings, then take in a new lung full of air and repeat five times. You should wear good sneakers, so as to prevent any foot problems;

2) After doing the walk, and the five deep breaths, do the following: clench and unclench your hands at least ten times making hard fists, then relaxing; do this, as mentioned ten times then rest for 30 seconds, and repeat;

3) Make faces yes it sounds strange but open your mouth as wide as possible hold that pose for 5 seconds then repeat this includes, sticking your tongue out violently contort all of your facial muscles move them around
then hold them do this several times.

4) get into a semi squatting position back straight hands on hips looking straight ahead go down about a quarter of the way no more knees bending a bit go up and down slowly ten times; rest; repeat;

5) standing in a normal position, place the palms of your hands together and press each against the other and hold for about 35 seconds; repeat 5 times; then, relax, and do the same pressing palms but instead of holding, “pulse” it that is, press the palms together, then release instantly, then press, etc. do this 20 times or so; rest, repeat.

You should try to do the above program for a few weeks, then, if you like what you are feeling, you may want to go into a more extended exercise program and you can do this. AT , a worldwide fitness club, there is a special GUIDE entitled, Karobix Light especially designed for seniors. There, you can take it all to new heights and anyone can do it. You may find that the senior years can be greatly extended and, the quality will go way up for you.

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